Slide Shortcode doesn't work

Hi there, I’m having problems with the Sportsline’s Slide Shortcode. Simply the Slide doesn’t want to appear in my Home. Yesterday night everything was working well. This mornig the slide were disappered. My website link it’s:

This is what i actually wrote in my home page:
[themeum_slider max_num="3"][/themeum_slider] [themeum_divider size="divider-xs"] [themeum_category category="news" layout="carousel" title="LATEST NEWS" maxpost="9"] [themeum_divider size="divider-xs"] [themeum_container] [themeum_column col="1/2"] [themeum_category category="usa" layout="latest" title="USA" maxpost="5"][/themeum_column] [themeum_column col="1/2"] [themeum_category category="italia" layout="latest" title="ITALIA" maxpost="5"][/themeum_column][/themeum_container] [themeum_divider size="divider-xs"] [themeum_category category="0" layout="popular" title="POPULAR" maxpost="4"] [themeum_divider size="divider-xs"] [themeum_video title="VIDEO" maxnum="4"][/themeum_video]

Also, i was wondering to understand how i can have the “Blog Appearence” on my other Pages (like your demo one: 
Do i have to customize it by shortcodes or in a different way?

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Staff 6 days ago
Hi, you must need at least 6 sticky post in order to get slider working. You can set blog page from your wordpress Settings->Reading and then set Posts Page.  Thanks
5 days ago
Hi there,

First of all thx a lot for your explainations that are every time clear.

I need your help one more time for:

1)I’m in trouble with the popular widget and shortcode. It seems like the won’t work in the right way.
I’ve created a “POPULAR” category, i select this category for my articles but they don’t want to appear in the layouts.
Can u help to figure out what i’m doing wrong???

2) Also, i wish to know if it is possible to change the background image of the “result” widget! 

3) I can’t understand how to create this kind of page (

Staff 5 days ago
1. Open single.php file from your themes folder then look for the line <?php comments_template(); ?> and add following code just before that line 
<?php set_popular_post(get_the_ID()); // dont-delete ?>
2. Yes, this is possible to change background image. Just goto your themes “assets/images” directory and replace the widget-result-bg.png image file with your one. 3. You just need to create a menu for that please. You should get a page created named “Result” after installing all plugins that comes with this theme. Thanks

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